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Q-What is the order process?
A-1. Provide Vector artwork (generally ei, eps or pdf files) as well as the quantity and details for the order.
2. A proof is then provided by our art team.
3. Once the customer approves the proof, it is sent to production.
4. Call in with payment information, as payment must be provided before order is shipped.

Q-How do we contact you to begin an order?
A-E-mail us at info@officialgamepuck.com or call our office at 905-951-7825 between 9:00am-5:00pm EST.

Q-Can I order an odd amount of pucks? Or does it have to be by the hundreds?
A-You can certainly order an odd number of pucks if needed. If an order off number of pucks is requested, the pricing would be based on the previous price break. For example, if 125 pucks are needed, we would base the pricing as if it were an order of 100. Pricing is based from 100-199, 200-299, etc.

Q-What is the difference in pucks?
-Imported, Canadian, and Pro?

A-Our imported pucks are extremely durable, made in China and are great for practice or game pucks.
Our Canadian made pucks are suitable for most on ice uses, ideal for souvenir or advertisement giveaways, and made in Canada.
Our Canadian Pro pucks are more durable and long-lasting, made in Canada, and game puck of OHL, QMJHL, and WHL.

The difference between the unprintables, is that although they both have chips and dents in them, the unprintables #2 tend to have more than the #1's. Both types of pucks are perfect for practice pucks, although they are unusable for our printing operation.

Q-I drew something by hand, can you use that?
A-Unfortunately we cannot use hand-drawn artwork, it must be redrawn and an artwork fee may apply.

Q-Are there any artwork or setup fees?
A-Setup fees apply when customization is required for each item. For example, team orders that request for each puck or mini-stick to have a different teammates name on each.
Artwork fees apply when improper artwork is submitted, and our artwork team has to redraw the image.

Q-How many pucks are in a case and what is the size?
A-There are 100 pucks per case which weighs 38lbs. The dimensions are 15x12x6".

Q-Do I have to call in to order or can I go on the website to enter the information (quantity, type shipping info & cc info)?
A-Orders must be submitted over the phone or by email as there is currently no option to order online.

Q-Do I have to pay before you ship the pucks?
A-Yes, payment must be received before pucks are shipped out.

Q-Does the price include shipping charges?
A-The price does not include shipping charges as shipping costs are different for every state and province.

Q-What forms of payment do you accept?
A-We accept credit cards (Visa & MasterCard), as well as pre-payment by cheque. If an order is being picked up, payment by cash will be accepted.

Q-Do you do the artwork? Or do I have to find someone to do it?
A-We create the artwork for you, as long as proper images/artwork is submitted. If you already have an outside source creating it for you, we can certainly accept that as well.

Q-Is it possible to have an order done in one week?
A-Depending on the quantity needed, it can generally be done as a rush order in one week. A 20% rush fee will apply.

Q-Can I put a logo on both sides of the puck?
A-We can certainly put a logo on each side of the puck as long as we receive the proper artwork for both logos.

Q-Is there a maximum number of colours I can have printed?
A-Yes, the maximum number of colours would be 6 per logo/side. Although, with our new printer, there is no maximum colours.

Q-How can I track my shipment?
A-UPS sends an automated shipping confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided on your order when the package leaves our warehouse. This e-mail will include the carrier name and tracking number. You can visit the carriers website for detailed tracking information.

Q-What is your return policy?
A-We don't generally accept returns of custom printed products. Any returns must be approved by OGP.