(1962 - 1972)

In 1962, a new Junior 'A' Hockey League was form in Northern Ontario. The Sudbury Wolves were charter members of this new league. Unfortunately, the new league never managed to advance one of their league champions beyond a head to head match-up against the OHA to the South. In fact, over 10 years, the NOHA Champion managed to win only one game (And that win was avenged with three consecutive defeats totalling 39-4).

In 1972, the Junior 'A' level was split into Major Junior 'A' and Tier II Junior 'A'. Only three leagues (OHA, QMJHL and WCHL) competed at the Major level and for the Memorial Cup. The NOHA league disbanded when Sault Ste. Marie was granted an expansion team in the OHA and the Niagara Falls Flyers relocated to Sudbury becoming the new Sudbury Wolves. The old Wolves were no more.


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