Located in the heart of Southern Ontario at the fork in the Thames River, London is home to over 300,000 people. London had been a part of the OHA since 1893 when they assembled their first Senior team. They have participated at the Junior level since 1896. Early London amateur teams were known as the Horton's, Orients, Alerts, Playgrounds and Nippers.

Despite their long history, London has had few championship teams to boast about. One team that did make it to the top of the heap was the London Panthers of the Canadian Professional League. They won the championship in the leagues inaugural campaign in 1926-27. The Panthers became the Tecumsehs in 1929 and ceased operations in 1936 when the league merged with the old Canadian-American League to form what today is now the American Hockey League.

London became a victim of geography and was relegated to lower level Junior and Senior leagues between 1933-65. That changed in 1965 when the London Nationals (now Knights) were born as a top Toronto Maple Leaf junior farm team. The Knights remain the dominant team in the London hockey scene.

London has had other Junior, Senior and briefly Professional teams in the past 30 years.

London Admirals (1997-98)

London Blues (1994)

London Diamonds (1976-1991)

London Kings (1972-1980)

London Knights (1968-Present)

London McMaster Chevys (1998-99)

London Nationals (1991-Present)

London Squires (1969-1976)

London Wildcats (1994-1995)


South London Minor Sports Association

London Minor Hockey Association



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