Goal Pucks

(1972 - 1974)


For two seasons, the NHL ran a program where all pucks used to score goals were labeled and sold to the public. The puck would have a sticker placed on the reverse side with pertinent information about the goal. Pucks were either Converse or Viceroy depending on the year and where the game was played.

The puck had the goal scorer, team, date and a code written on it. For example, CBH-1-143 would translate the 143rd goal of the season for Chicago and it was from the first year of the program (1972-73). The pucks also came with a certificate containing additional information on the goal.

Goal pucks were sold for regular season and playoff games. For the 1972-73 season, there were 4,088 regular season goals and 231 playoff goals. For the 1973-74 season, there were 3,989 regular season goals and 219 playoff goals.

While the program was certainly popular with many fans, it was not popular with many of the players. Players who would have liked to have kept their first NHL goal or other milestone goals for themselves, had to watch the linesmen snatch them from the ice and sendthem off to be sold. The program ended after just two seasons. Below is an ad from The Hockey News detailing the program.

1972 - 1973

1973 - 1974


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