1945 - 1955 IHL Orange Screened Heritage Series 1

The IHL was formed in 1945 as a small Senior league in the Detroit-Windsor area. After a couple of seasons, it expanded into the US into markets such as Louisville, Akron and Milwaukee. In 1949, the league contracted and once again became a small 5-team league with three clubs located in Ontario (Windsor, Chatham and Sarnia). It marked the only season that the majority of the clubs were Canadian. However by 1952, all 5 of the clubs that had made up the league just three seasons were gone and the league was now made up of clubs all in the US. (Troy, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Toledo and Fort Wayne). The Fort Wayne Komets would remain in the league until the leagues demise in 2001.

This set commemorates the early years of the IHL. Each logo has been dug up from old programs, newspaper articles or jerseys. Pucks are screened in all orange as was typically the case during this time period. No clubs in the IHL during this time period actually had team crested pucks and this set is the only place to find these historical logos on pucks.



The crossed flags (Canadian and US flags of the era) was the original logo for the IHL (Actually called International Amateur Hockey League). The flags represent the international flavour of the original Detroit-Windsor based league. This logo was found on jerseys during the 1940's. It later became the bases for the Port Huron Flags logo as the former league president moved on to start up the Flags in 1962.


CHATHAM MAROONS (1949 - 1952)


The 'new' Maroons were created after construction of a new arena in town. The Maroons joined the IHL and won the league title during the first season. They went on to share the US National Senior title. After three seasons, they followed local rivals the Sarnia Sailors into the OHA Senior 'A'. The club went on to win an Allan Cup in 1960.

The simple script logo matches the jerseys of the era.

Code: IHS101

DETROIT AUTO CLUB (1945 - 1951)


The Detroit AAA's were a charter member of the IHL. They won the league title their first season. They ceased operations in 1951.

The simple script logo was taken from a picture of a jersey.

Code: IHS102

DETROIT HETTCHES (1949 - 1952)


The Windsor Hettche Spitfires relocated to Detroit in 1949. The club played three seasons in Detroit before ceasing operations. They were the last of the original four clubs to operate in the IHL.

The simple script logo was taken from a picture of a jersey. The uniforms featured stars on the shoulders. They were being used as practice jerseys by the Chatham Maroons after the Hettche's demise.

Code: IHS103



The Detroit Metal Mouldings changed their name to 'Jerry Lynch' in 1948. The club ceased operations after just one season.

The simple script logo was taken from a picture of a jersey. They were being used as practice jerseys by the Chatham Maroons after the clubs demise.

Code: IHS104



The Detroit Metal Mouldings were the IHL's first expansion team in 1946. They operated under that name for two seasons before becoming 'Jerry Lynch'.

The simple script logo was taken from a picture of a jersey. Team colours were scarlet and grey.

Code: IHS105



The Grand Rapids Rockets left the EAHL in 1950 to join the IHL. The club played six seasons in the league never managing to win a title. The club moved in 1956 to become the Huntington Hornets. .
Code: IHS106

MARION BARONS (1953 - 1954)


The Marion Barons were a one-year wonder in the IHL. Based on their logo, they had an affiliation with the Cleveland Barons of the AHL.

Code: IHS107

MILWAUKEE CHIEFS (1952 - 1954)


The Milwaukee Chiefs were an expansion team in 1952. They ceased operations in 1954.

Code: IHS108

MILWAUKEE CLARKS (1948 - 1949)


The Milwaukee Clarks were part o the rapid expansion of the league in 1948. They played just one season in the league before moving on to the revived EAHL along with Toledo.

Code: IHS109

TOLEDO MERCURYS (1947 - 1962)


The Toledo Mercurys were the first club to join the league from outside the Detroit-Windsor area. After winning the league title in their first season, they played in two divisions in 1948-49. They left the league briefly only to return in 1950 to win back-to-back titles. They finally ceased operations in 1962.

Code: IHS110

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